Ara G.
I am so glad to have stumbled across this amazing place. The quality of the food and service is truly exceptional, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.
Vahagn D.
I am always enthusiastic to try new start up places like this but Sloppy Buns went above and beyond my expectations. These unique style Sloppy Joes really hit a soft spot in my heart. The quality tastes supreme. The last time I had a sloppy Joe was when I was a child, but after tasting these sloppy delights, it is all I want to eat. Don't get me started on their fries. Phenomenal. The seasoning is something I have never tried before and it was very appealing to my taste buds. Will be coming here again very soon. Love the service and the kindness from all the people who work here. 10/10
Artem B.
Unique fast food joint that offers something new. Friendly staff. Had the sloppy joe bun with tater tots - highly recommend. Also recommend trying the banana bread.
Alis A.
Despite constant speculation about who gives the best sloppy, it is no rumor that this place has the sloppiest Joe. From the perfect meat-cheese-bun ratio to the delicious banana loaf, this place sent my taste buds back in time to a place of childhood bliss and I can't wait to come back for that effect.
Chris A
Amazing quality, amazing people, I always like to stop by when I see new food spots in my area and this place checked all my boxes, The food was amazing and the environment was great too, the people working there were kind and helpful.